Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Real Reason Trump Fired Comey

I've heard speculation in the media that Trump's reason for firing James Comey was to "appease" the democrats after Hillary Clinton essentially stated last week that he was to blame for her loss to Trump. The liberal media is reporting that Trump is "shocked" that it didn't change anything when it was announced that Comey had been removed. They (through anonymous sources, of course) say that he believed the Democrats wanted Comey removed, so he didn't understand why they were upset, rather than being happy and grateful to him. Of course, these reports are finely-tuned to fit the liberal narrative that Trump is just an arrogant buffoon who doesn't know what is going on and is unfit to hold the office.

I disagree though. I believe that if I, a lowly blogger, can see by now that the Democrats are going to oppose any and every move Trump makes, surely Trump himself is well-aware of this too. My opinion is that he knew exactly how the liberals and the media would react. He was just waiting patiently for Clinton and the Democrats to come out with a hard stance on something (in this case, blaming Comey for Clinton's loss), only so he could make a move that would appear to be an effective response to that stance.

Essentially, Clinton openly blamed Comey for her losing the election. Democrats began calling for Comey to resign or be removed, so Trump fired him. This would have been a reasonable response to the belief that he had mis-managed the investigation into the Clinton email scandal. It could have even been seen as him “extending the olive branch” to Clinton and the Democrats. It would be reasonable, IF liberals were reasonable -- which they are not.

I believe Trump knew this would present democrats with an inconvenient "conundrum" where they had to either agree that Trump had done the right thing, or they had to reverse the hard stance they had just taken on Comey less than a week before, in an attempt to continue opposing Trump at every turn.

We all know that Trump has gone toe-to-toe with the media on multiple occasions. Unlike most candidates in the past, he isn't afraid to stand up and call them out when they're wrong. Not necessarily a good quality for a politician, but it seems to work for Trump. And in his case, with the media fighting so hard to discredit him, I think it's been absolutely necessary for his continued success. Any other Republican would have bowed to the pressure and given up the election to Clinton, but Trump's persistence is what won him the presidency.

So what was the reason for Comey being fired? He was fired because he mis-managed multiple investigations. He was fired because he appeared to politicize the probe into Clinton's private email server. He was fired because he flip-flopped on numerous occasions – sometimes seeming to simply change his opinion based only on the stance of the most recent person he had spoken to.

As I discussed in my article Trump Fires Comey (Spoiler Alert: Democrats Are Appalled), I honestly believe Comey had good intentions. I don't think he intended to take a side or repeatedly change his stance. The problem is that while he might be fair and bi-partisan, he lacked the tenacity to make a decision and then stick to it. That is why Comey was fired.

The question you are actually wanting an answer to, however, is not “why was Comey fired?” The question you want answered is “why was Comey fired NOW?” Lucky for you, I have for you what I believe to be the answer.

President Trump had every intention of removing Comey from his position at the FBI, but it wasn't a pressing issue. Whether you like to admit it or not, Trump is a pretty smart dude, and I think he masterfully slow-played his hand in order to epically troll the media. And it worked like a charm. If you don't believe me, go watch the Late Show's audience reacting to the announcement!

Trump knew they would never say that he had made the right decision on something, so he forced them to totally reverse a hard stance they had just taken a few days before.

That's right liberals, President Donald J. Trump is smarter than you! And Stephen Colbert, you can eat your heart out. Stick that in your c*ck holster and suck it!

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