Monday, February 19, 2018

Dale Hansen Hates America


Guest post by Drew Rellim

You may find this surprising, but I hate to write about politics. Discuss it? Yes. Give my opinion and let people know what I believe and why? Sure. But I do not like discussing and opining on things that are tough to talk about. I write for a college sports blog because it is an escape from how hard life can be for everyone. During the fall, I can have the roughest week in the world, but I look forward to Saturdays where I can take the hour drive to my college town and catch up with all friends. Black and White, Democrat and Republican, Christian or agnostic, these people are my friends and fellow alums and we all bleed the same school colors. I also have always kept my blog politics and religion-free because despite my deeply held convictions and beliefs, I want my blog to be a place of unity and not divisiveness.

However, I am deviating from that today because it is time that someone responds to a person on the left who race-baits, mocks Christian morality, and uses his time as a sportscaster to pontificate in a self righteous manner to his viewers who he looks down upon, and that man is Dale Hansen. He never lets a tragedy pass without trying to pass on some great faux wisdom from his liberal worldview. He openly mocks and attacks the President (something he would NEVER have had the courage to do in with the previous President), and honestly believes that the people who pay to listen to him cover sports give a plug nickel's worth of care about what he thinks in the social and political scene.