Monday, February 19, 2018

Dale Hansen Hates America


Guest post by Drew Rellim

You may find this surprising, but I hate to write about politics. Discuss it? Yes. Give my opinion and let people know what I believe and why? Sure. But I do not like discussing and opining on things that are tough to talk about. I write for a college sports blog because it is an escape from how hard life can be for everyone. During the fall, I can have the roughest week in the world, but I look forward to Saturdays where I can take the hour drive to my college town and catch up with all friends. Black and White, Democrat and Republican, Christian or agnostic, these people are my friends and fellow alums and we all bleed the same school colors. I also have always kept my blog politics and religion-free because despite my deeply held convictions and beliefs, I want my blog to be a place of unity and not divisiveness.

However, I am deviating from that today because it is time that someone responds to a person on the left who race-baits, mocks Christian morality, and uses his time as a sportscaster to pontificate in a self righteous manner to his viewers who he looks down upon, and that man is Dale Hansen. He never lets a tragedy pass without trying to pass on some great faux wisdom from his liberal worldview. He openly mocks and attacks the President (something he would NEVER have had the courage to do in with the previous President), and honestly believes that the people who pay to listen to him cover sports give a plug nickel's worth of care about what he thinks in the social and political scene.

After the horrific events of what happened last week at a Parkland, Florida high school, Hansen did not waste more than 12 hours before saying essentially that gun control is again the solution and almost took glee that the shooter was another white kid from a middle/upper middle class suburb, then took the chance to take a shot at conservatives by saying "nothing will be done because the shooter was white." This disgusting attitude of smug and self-righteous indignation is truly unbelievable.

While many people are “hooraying” Hansen, I offer a different view. One of a man that first, actually has morals and does not make up statistics to bloviate. He is also a man that sees what Hansen either cannot see or just flat out ignores as he is lost in his own self righteousness and egocentric beliefs.
Dr. John MacArthur is the Pastor Teacher at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California and the host of a weekly radio program called Grace To You. He has authored numerous books and is also the President of The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. Back in the Summer of 2017, Dr. MacArthur was asked by an attendee of his Sunday night message regarding the environment of evil in the American Culture and what is the cause. He said the following:

"The Human Heart is desperately wicked. It is hostile to God and self centered, and proud and selfish and angry...Fallen humanity is corrupt. What has gotten us here are the following. Number one, the human heart is evil, war is in the heart, men will kill, and that is how they function. However, God has built three restraints into society. Restraint number one is in the individual and it is the conscience, but the conscience reacts to a moral law. So if you have a whole generation of young people who have been taught a twisted, perverted, inverted and upside down view of moral law, then a conscience cannot function. 

A conscience is simply a recognition mechanism that says if something is right or wrong, but it can only function when there is a sound moral law written in the heart. So you have an entire generation of people who have a totally perverted sense of what morality is. The dominant part of this morality is the thought that 'I am the most important person the world. It is all about me.' It is the selfie culture, so the conscience is now crippled. 

Second, God put Fathers and Mothers into the family to bring a rod to discipline people in order to subdue their evil. If the family is destroyed and the family breaks down, then there is no control. So now, the conscience cannot function because moral law is destroyed, families don't function so there is no discipline learned and there is no sense of what is right and what is acceptable behavior, and the only institution left that God ordained is the police. The police are given a sword to subdue those who do evil. When you assault the police long enough, you diminish their authority and the sense of both fear and reverence that a society has to have for those who police them, than all hell breaks loose. 

Conscience is no longer functioning, families are not functioning, and the police have been stripped of their powers in the social consciousness. You have literally unleashed the human heart at it's worst level...we have only started to see this as it has become unleashed and it is going to start coming in all other forms because of the breakdown of moral law, the breakdown of the family, and because of the incessant assaults on governing authorities. So get ready, I doubt it is going to go away."


This is the kind of wisdom that we should be listening to, not a sportscaster with a complete lack of morality and intellectual honesty. What was said does not just apply to guns, racism, or some selective problem of the week. It applies to all of society's ills. Dr. MacArthur is summoning this wisdom not from himself or any sense of self righteousness, but the righteousness of the precepts found in the Holy Bible. Mr. Hansen would be wise to do the same, rather than mocking the immense wisdom and guidance found in living by the standards mentioned here.

But before he does that, someone needs to tell Mr. Hansen what Solomon said in the first chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes:

"I thought to myself, 'I have become much wiser than any of my predecessors who ruled over Jerusalem; I have acquired much wisdom and knowledge.' So I decided to discern the benefit of wisdom and knowledge over foolish behavior and ideas; however, I concluded that even this endeavor is like trying to chase the wind! For with great wisdom comes great frustration; whoever increases his knowledge merely increases his heartache." Ecclesiastes 1: 16-18

This statement was made by the wisest man who ever lived.

And Dale Hansen, you are no King Solomon.


Drew Rellim is a close friend of mine who also happens to be a college sports blogger. Because of his staunch political and religious beliefs, as well as his literary talent, I have been asking him for some time to write a guest post for my blog. Last week, he called me to let me know that he had chosen a topic to write about, and wanted my blessing. I quickly agreed, and what you have just read is the result. Stay tuned, because I have a feeling that this might not be the last time you hear from Drew.

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