Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Rights As A Father, Do Not Care About Your Feelings

My Rights As A Father Do Not Care About Your Feelings / Diabolical Rantings of a Single Dad /

Yesterday morning, the Friday before Father's Day, I joined men and women across the country in standing for parental equality and fathers' rights at the fourth annual Fatherless Day Equal Parenting Rally. I stood at the state Capitol in Austin, TX with 50+ people; both men and women who are sick of the injustices of the American "family court" system. People who are sick of seeing Fathers treated like second-class citizens, or ATM's.

I spoke to men who have not been "allowed" to see their children in years, despite paying child support and doing everything the court system required. Because while police and the court system will enforce a child support order by threatening jail time and suspension of his drivers license, a mother can refuse to allow her child's Father access to his child during his court-ordered parenting time and the police will refuse to help.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

6 Sarcastic Facts From James Comey's Testimony

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for in the Trump/Russia “collusion” investigation. Democrats believed this would be the point when they finally gained real hard evidence that would justify them pursuing articles of impeachment. Republicans on the other hand, were certain that James Comey's testimony would finally put an end to the speculation of any wrongdoing on the part of Trump and his campaign.

1. We are all right; always

In the end, what did each side gain from the Testimony? We all got exactly what we wanted! We got a whole lot of nothing, which we could twist and reason and interpret to mean that our side was 100% correct and that the other side should just shut up, “because whether they like it or not, they are wrong.” We got just enough information to both back up our side and to discredit everyone else.

Truthfully, we all have selective hearing when it comes to politics. We all have the candidates or issues that are important to us, and we will make excuses for them until our dying breath if necessary, as long as we believe we are right.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Fires Comey (Spoiler Alert: Democrats Are Outraged)

I sat down at my computer with the intention of writing about the firing of FBI Director, James Comey. But as I toyed around with angles to take on the topic, I realized that anything I could say had most likely already been said.

Unless you have been off the grid or in a coma for the last year or so, I'm sure you know the story of Comey's involvement in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server, as well as the investigation into Trump's supposed collaboration with the Russian government. In fact, I have even written previously about the FBI investigation's potential impact on the election in my article "Anthony Weiner's Wiener Could Help Determine Winner Of Presidential Election".

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Real Reason Trump Fired Comey

I've heard speculation in the media that Trump's reason for firing James Comey was to "appease" the democrats after Hillary Clinton essentially stated last week that he was to blame for her loss to Trump. The liberal media is reporting that Trump is "shocked" that it didn't change anything when it was announced that Comey had been removed. They (through anonymous sources, of course) say that he believed the Democrats wanted Comey removed, so he didn't understand why they were upset, rather than being happy and grateful to him. Of course, these reports are finely-tuned to fit the liberal narrative that Trump is just an arrogant buffoon who doesn't know what is going on and is unfit to hold the office.

I disagree though. I believe that if I, a lowly blogger, can see by now that the Democrats are going to oppose any and every move Trump makes, surely Trump himself is well-aware of this too. My opinion is that he knew exactly how the liberals and the media would react. He was just waiting patiently for Clinton and the Democrats to come out with a hard stance on something (in this case, blaming Comey for Clinton's loss), only so he could make a move that would appear to be an effective response to that stance.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Disturbing Trend Among Conservatives

Most of you who follow my page know that I am a fairly moderate, but right-leaning conservative with a Libertarian stance on many issues. However, even though I normally side with conservatives, I have always said that I am not above calling out those same conservatives when I believe they have screwed up.

Looking back at the last couple of years, it would be difficult to honestly say that Democrats are the party of free speech. They might make this claim, but the truth is, they only support free speech if it aligns with their "progressive" agenda on topics such as Feminism, Islam, LGBTQ rights, abortion, law enforcement, and Black Lives Matter.

If someone speaks out in support of any of their "approved" issues and receives any kind of backlash, even if the claim is unsubstantiated, liberals are immediately up in arms. They immediately begin demanding that the company be boycotted, or the offending employee be fired, even if the alleged offensive act did not take place while they were on the clock. They picket, protest, scream, yell, and plaster the offender's name and picture all over social media; doing their best to completely ruin their life.

Friday, March 17, 2017

You Have A Spending Problem

Anyone who has ever made a budget knows that if you are spending more money than you're making, you have to figure out how to reduce some of those expenditures. This means listing everything you spend money on in any given month and then deciding which expenses are necessary and which are not. At some point, if you're going to disrupt the pattern of over-spending, you will have to start eliminating some unnecessary expenses and reducing others.

For your average family, this usually means eating out less, going on fewer vacations, not buying new clothes as frequently, and maybe even dropping your cable or satellite TV service. Obviously different families and even the various members of those families would probably prioritize the importance of those expenditures differently. But ultimately, the final decision lies upon the the head of that household; the person who earns the money and then turns around and spends it to keep that roof over their heads. That person has to make a difficult decision which no matter what, will piss off at least one member of their household.

When you aren't the person writing the checks or paying the bills online, cringing as you watch that number in your bank account change from black to red, it's difficult to comprehend the importance of these decisions. It's easy to get used to all of the luxuries you have and begin thinking of them as something you are entitled to.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump's Ever-Elusive Tax Return

Is it really a shock to anyone that Trump is choosing so far to not release his tax return? Look at how he has been treated by the media and everyone on the left who oppose him. It doesn't matter what he does, they dig and dig until they find one little thing to criticize him about, then they blow it out of proportion, making it out to be breaking headline news, worthy of immediate impeachment. If they can't find anything, they just make stuff up!

Sure, every other president in recent history has released their tax returns. But they did it voluntarily; not because it was a requirement. None of those former presidents had anything even close to the wealth of Trump, so there is hardly even a fair comparison between them. Also, none of those men were ever run through the gauntlet by the media in the way that Trump has been. Even if they had been, social media wasn't around to help spread the newest absurd fabrication of a story among millions of low information voters within minutes of hitting "publish."