Friday, September 3, 2021

This Is Madness

***Just a quick little disclaimer – sometimes I use naughty words when I write. Proceed at your own risk, or leave.  I don’t care.***


Every once in a while, I wake up, not expecting to do any writing, then I start reading the news and that all goes to shit. Today was one of those days.

I began reading about the latest topics dividing our country when I ran across the hashtag #TexasTaliban. First, I thought “my god, the Taliban has come to Texas!”. Then I kept reading and thought “surely this must be a joke and can’t possibly be one of the top trending items in our world – especially on a platform like Facebook or Twitter that have been SO committed to eliminating hate speech”. But I was wrong…so wrong.

Just so we are clear, the political left in this country now believes that if you vote Republican, you are no different than the terrorists. In fact, from a political ideology that now sympathizes with the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS (or ISIS-K, whatever the fuck that is), they literally believe you are WORSE than the terrorists!

This is not a “fringe opinion” - it is mainstream. It has been repeated by commentators and elected representatives on prime-time news, as well as multiple acquaintances of mine on social media.

Your leftist “friends” who vote differently than you no longer just disagree with you - they hate you. They want you punished. They want you beaten into submission. They do not want you to have access to food or housing or utilities. They do not want you to have access to financial services like credit cards or mortgages, or online payment services like PayPal. And they certainly don't want you to be allowed on social media.

If you believe differently than them on even a single issue, they believe you are sub-human and silly little things like the Bill of Rights do not apply to you. You are nothing more than the asterisk at the end of the page stating, “some exclusions apply”.

This is madness. Our country is lost.

What a fucking dumpster fire.

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