Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflecting On 2016 And Looking Toward The New Year

As I sit at home this new years eve, I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months of my life. First and foremost, I woke up on the preferable side of the ground this morning, so I suppose I have that to be thankful for. But considering this article would not be possible without these fairly obvious circumstances, you are probably more interested in the other things I have to say.

Last December, I accepted a job with a new company. While I believe that any career change comes with the inevitable doubt of whether you made the right decision to take a new path, the last 12 months has proven to me that it was indeed a great decision for me. I have a great boss, they have great benefits, I truly believe in the product that I am selling, and most importantly, I'm happy.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Maybe This Year Will Be Different; Christmas For An Alienated Dad

As you sit at home with your family on Christmas Eve, watching Miracle on 34th Street or wrapping your last few presents, there's a father out there who won't get to see his kid tomorrow. Sure, he put up the old Christmas tree given to him by a friend when they no longer needed it; he even put on the lights and ornaments purchased from a neighbor's garage sale. He scraped together what little money he had left after child support and other bills were paid, then skipped enough meals so that he could afford to buy a few small toys for that little boy or girl; just in case their mother had a sudden change in heart and let them come over.


He begrudgingly picks up the court papers, hastily signed by some judge who never even met him. These papers supposedly granting him the “right” to be a father to his own kid for a few hours every other weekend and on some holidays; essentially robbing him of the right to be a full-time parent. All of this just because his ex decided to leave him for someone else with more earning potential. Re-reading the rambling legal terminology, copied and pasted from some other poor soul's orders, he searches for the heading of the section pertaining to Christmas visitation. Even though he has read it hundreds of times and could probably recite it word for word in his sleep, he reads it one more time to make sure of the time he's supposed to meet his ex tomorrow to get his child.