Saturday, January 13, 2018

Enough With The Outrage – Fix Immigration!

As the “OMG he called 3rd world countries shitholes!” debacle rages on, I can’t help but feel like we are wasting valuable time that could be better used to negotiate an immigration deal. Or I don’t know...maybe even figure out how to prevent a government shutdown next week? But alas, that is not how we do things these days. If there’s anything negative to say about Trump, that’s what everyone is going to focus on. But hey, in case you outraged degenerates stop to take a breath and consider getting back to things that actually matter, I figured I’d take a moment to discuss what I see as the solution to our immigration problem.

President Trump (damn I LOVE saying that!) has been preaching the need for a merit-based immigration system ever since he was a candidate. And I think if liberals weren’t so focused on opposing him at every turn, they just might see the potential benefits it could have.

Sure, there should be some allowances for helping people in some of these 3rd world countries to come here and make a better life for themselves. But we don’t “owe” citizenship or refuge to anyone. Unless it's a life or death situation, we shouldn’t be bringing people in who are going to immediately start leeching off of our resources, rather than contributing to our country.

I know this is not a popular or “politically correct” opinion, but if you have no education, don’t speak the language, have no skills and no employment lined up, you are not going to make America better - you’re going to make it worse. You are going to be a liability rather than an asset, and we are the ones who will ultimately have to pay for that.

We are not the world’s charity. We can’t just open our borders up and let anyone in who wants to come in, just because their country sucks. It doesn’t work that way – it can't work that way. We are not obligated to give free passage to anyone who asks nicely. But because we are a world superpower, and we DO want to help people, and we supposedly want to make our country better, (which merit-based immigration can do), we do allow it. But we cannot just let people in only because their quality of life is worse in their country than it would be here.

Why exactly is it that every other country out there can have a merit-based immigration system, but suddenly we are racist and hate immigrants just because we dare to consider the same thing? I'll give you a's because Democrats see illegal immigrants as future voters.

I do not think it’s unreasonable for us to want people who will be able to easily assimilate into our country. We shouldn’t have to cater to someone because they just came here and haven’t bothered to learn the language. If I was going to move to another country, I would be studying my ass off to learn that language long before I moved. I’m not saying they have to be fluent, but they need to be able to carry on a conversation or conduct a transaction in our native language.

I really have no problem with someone who has limited knowledge of English coming here, as long as they are willing to learn, rather than expecting us to cater to them. But I have met many immigrants who have lived here for years and cant speak a word of English. Not only that, but they actually get angry when you are unable to converse with them in their native language.


So what is the answer to our immigration problem? I might not have all the answers, but I think I have some of them.

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