Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milo Leaves Breitbart

It is absolutely absurd to see how the left targets any conservative who happens to have a loyal following. However, it does certainly serve to flaunt the undeniable power they have, by-way of the liberal media, to crush and destroy those who oppose them. I'm disappointed to see Milo Yiannopoulos leave Breitbart, but pleased to hear he will continue his speaking engagements and also still intends to have his book published.

I hate seeing celebrities, politicians and other public figures cave to pressure to resign when they are attacked by the left. I hate it almost as much as I detest hearing that companies have fired or disciplined an employee after being made out as an example by the media for saying or doing the wrong thing. In the eyes of those on the left, this means they won and only gives them more power when they are intent upon ruining the next person with whom they disagree. It only serves to throw fuel on the flames of their hatred; further-amplifying the overwhelming fear people have of opposing them. Unfortunately, it also serves to feed their unquenchable egos and ravenous thirst for conservative blood.

My personal opinion is that Milo knew the left would just continue attacking him and this would dominate and over-shadow everything else Breitbart is doing. People love to hate Milo, so by leaving, he allows Breitbart to carry on without the barrage of attacks they would surely be receiving, along with vehement demands that he be fired (since this is what liberals do now when they are offended). If this hadn't worked, there would have been angry protests outside of Breitbart's headquarters, quickly progressing to riots and destruction of their property. Eventually there would be calls to boycott and intimidate their advertisers, until those companies were beaten into submission by the threat of losing business.

Since the Presidential election, Milo has continued rising in fame and popularity on the right, while presenting the left with a difficult-to-oppose anomaly (a gay white conservative Brit who fancies black men). But as he has grown in stardom, it seemed at times that he might have actually outgrown the organization that helped to facilitate his swift advancement to notoriety.

I believe he sends the wrong message to the left by leaving Breitbart. In their eyes, he is caving to their tactics of deceptively editing and reporting stories in order to tactically slander their adversaries. But perhaps Milo has been looking for an opportunity to leave Breitbart to go solo. It's possible he has witnessed himself outgrowing the organization, as he becomes more of a social figure and less of a journalist. If this is the case, maybe this was just the chance he needed to make a clean break from the company amidst a bit of a media-concocted public spectacle.

Whatever the case, I hate to see Milo leave Breitbart, but I wish him the best and look forward to seeing where he goes from here. I think it's safe to say that as long as the left continues the absurdity we have witnessed since the election of Donald Trump, Milo's 15 minutes of fame has certainly not yet come to a close.

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