Thursday, June 8, 2017

6 Sarcastic Facts From James Comey's Testimony

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for in the Trump/Russia “collusion” investigation. Democrats believed this would be the point when they finally gained real hard evidence that would justify them pursuing articles of impeachment. Republicans on the other hand, were certain that James Comey's testimony would finally put an end to the speculation of any wrongdoing on the part of Trump and his campaign.

1. We are all right; always

In the end, what did each side gain from the Testimony? We all got exactly what we wanted! We got a whole lot of nothing, which we could twist and reason and interpret to mean that our side was 100% correct and that the other side should just shut up, “because whether they like it or not, they are wrong.” We got just enough information to both back up our side and to discredit everyone else.

Truthfully, we all have selective hearing when it comes to politics. We all have the candidates or issues that are important to us, and we will make excuses for them until our dying breath if necessary, as long as we believe we are right.

2. Russia hacked us

Democrats today heard exactly what they were hoping for. They heard that Comey has “no doubt” Russia attempted to interfere with our elections by hacking into the DNC. What they will glaze over however, is that Russia and many other countries (including the United States) are constantly trying to hack into computer systems of both allies and foes in order to gain an upper hand in international politics. Whatever attempted intrusion there might have been, was nothing more than what is always going on at any given time.

And what exactly was gained by this supposed hack? Comey made it clear today that the FBI was never given an opportunity to examine the actual hardware that was supposedly hacked into at the DNC. Instead, they were left to just take the data given to them by the IT firm contracted by the Democrats (the same firm that used the Bleach Bit program to destroy Hillary Clinton's emails). So this part of the investigation was clearly limited to only evidence that was spoon fed to them by the “victims” of the hack.

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3. Russia did not change the outcome of the election

The other key point Comey made known today was that he was certain no actual votes had been changed by the alleged hack. This should be pretty obvious, since the voting machines are not connected to the internet. The only way for the votes to potentially have been altered would be in person, one machine at a time, either in the form of changing the votes that had been cast, or by adding software at the time the machine was manufactured, which would control how those votes were recorded.

I would argue that any illegal votes which took place, most likely happened by way of voter fraud; a long time favorite of Democrats. It is highly unlikely if this voter fraud took place, that it would have increased the number of votes for the Republican candidate. Much more likely, is that certain key precincts would show an inordinate percentage of votes for the one candidate over the other. This would most likely lead to that candidate having a much higher number of votes, but not necessarily winning the electoral college, since it would be almost impossible to organize this mass voter fraud all across the country.

4. Trump sometimes acts impulsively

Democrats were not the only losers today. Comey's rendition of his conversations with Trump surrounding the Mike Flynn investigation, was a bit damning. No, Trump didn't tell Comey to drop the investigation. But he was under the impression that by Trump telling him that he hoped he could let the Flynn investigation go, he was candidly ordering him to make sure it happened.

Comey's description of the multiple conversations he had with Trump regarding his future as FBI Director, in my opinion, was one of the most damaging aspects of his testimony. I already stated in my article “Trump Fires Comey (Spoiler Alert:Democrats Are Outraged)” that I don't believe firing Comey was the right decision at the time that it happened.

I don't think it would be that far of a stretch to assume that Comey might be out of a job after playing such a vital part in the election. I think regardless of who won, he should have started sending out his resume. But the firing should have been handled immediately upon Trump entering office. Otherwise, it should have waited until the conclusion of the Russia investigation. Even though I would think almost anyone familiar with our justice system would know that firing the FBI Director would not suddenly end an investigation they were leading, it just looks bad. More importantly, it gives the Democrats one more piece of ammunition to use against Trump.

5. Comey relies on his feelings – a lot

The unfortunate thing for everyone today, is that the majority of any potentially damning testimony delivered by Comey today, was based on his feelings, rather than facts. Democrats might think they have enough now to impeach Trump for abuse of power in the firing of Comey. But the cold hard truth is that even if Trump WAS doing this, he didn't say the words necessary to meet the legal definition. Funny thing about the law; facts matter – your feelings do not. And in criminal proceedings, the burden of proof is “beyond a shadow of doubt”.


Over all, I believe the person most implicated in the testimony today was former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Comey made it very clear that he believed there was a conflict of interest when she met with former President, Bill Clinton in the plane on the tarmac during the investigation into his wife's emails. She also asked Comey to change the terminology he used and refer to it as a “matter” rather than an “investigation.” Clearly this revised terminology would lead anyone who heard it to believe it was much less serious than before.

6. Nothing is going to change

My conclusion from the testimony today is that it didn't make one bit of difference. We are still stuck in the same position as before. Everyone believes they are right, and they can't believe that anyone could see the situation differently. So what will change? Not a damn thing. Everyone is going to keep being angry.

Republicans are going to continue being frustrated that Trump isn't being allowed to do what they elected him to do. Democrats will continue protesting and burning down cities, and shouting “not my president”, while calling for impeachment. And they just might get that impeachment they all want so desperately. But as of this moment, I have seen no evidence of anything that would justify it (not that evidence really matters anymore).


Can we please, for the love of god, quit basing everything on feelings and start focusing on actual evidence and facts? That's all I ask!

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