Sunday, August 27, 2017

South Texas Flooding and the Alt-Left

"Hurricane Harvey Flood - 8/26/17 through" (CC BY 2.0) by jillccarlson

Okay liberals, so tell me, what are Antifa and Black Lives Matter doing to help the hurricane victims in south Texas?

The reason I ask, is this; I know police officers, fire fighters, and other people who liberals would consider "alt-right" or "White Nationalists" (AKA: proud Americans), who are currently using their boats and 4-wheel drive vehicles to rescue strangers from the flooding and get them to safety.

Photo Credit: Cory Kramer

Meanwhile, Antifa is beating the shit out of people who attended an anti-marxism rally at U.C. Berkeley, without even recognizing the irony in doing so. The people who liberals consider to be the enemy, are saving lives and expecting nothing in return, while the "pariahs" of the Democrat party are literally protesting in favor of communism.

This is it. This is the problem. I have to keep asking myself if this is real life or if it's all just some giant joke. These alt-left groups you liberals want to portray as heroes, only care about one thing; inflicting as much pain and destruction as possible on anyone who disagrees with them.

"Texas National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

They don't want to make our country great. They want to make us weak. They want to make us scared; scared to stand up for our beliefs, scared to speak out against evil, and scared to openly support anyone or anything the left considers to be "the enemy".

If you truly think that Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or any of the other alt-left groups want what is in the best interest of our country, you are a damn fool. I'll pray for you. But you should know that myself and many other proud Americans are standing up and fighting for your rights behind the scenes every day, while you scream and yell and beg the government to take those same rights away.

Copyrighted Image / Photo Credit Private

We will be labeled "alt-right"
We will be labeled "white nationalists"
We will be labeled "neo-Nazis"
We will be labeled "KKK sympathizers"

But we are none of these things. We are patriots who care nothing about the color of your skin, or anything else that defines you as a person. We care about only one thing - our country and the rights and safety of it's citizens. At the end of the day, when this civil war concludes and victory is declared, we will be seen as heroes. And I would rather die an American hero than to live as a self-loathing fascist.

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