Sunday, August 13, 2017

Understanding Unite the Right Rally Violence

Why is it that yesterday's Unite the Right rally seemed to be mostly violent, while the Women's March (a much larger rally) was mostly peaceful? My answer would be that the difference in outcome is due to the attitudes of those who oppose them.

Sure, plenty of people, including myself, opposed the Women's March. Not because we are anti-woman, but because we disagree with the rhetoric and ideology used to justify it. But did you see any violent protests against it? Did you see any Trump supporters hurling feces, screaming insults, or otherwise opposing the event? No, you didn't, because our opposition was carried out with respect.

Yesterday's event however, was different. The people who opposed the UTR event (mostly Antifa and Black Lives Matter), didn't peacefully allow this rally to take place. In their minds, since they oppose the views of these rally-goers, they believe themselves to be morally-superior, and therefore justified in resorting to violent measures.

I know people who were at the UTR rally, and I can tell you that even though the media would have you believe that the violence came from the right-wing activists, they are dead wrong.

With few exceptions, the right-wingers, the oath keepers, the White Nationalists, the 3%-ers, and yes, even the KKK members and neo-Nazis at the rally, were peaceful. They stood their ground, held their signs and flags, and dodged the assorted objects and substances being flung at them.

The instigators of violence at this event, were the left-wing activists. Antifa and BLM yelled, pushed, punched, pummeled, sprayed pepper spray, swung bats and sticks, threw bags of shit and bottles of piss, and in one case, even used a homemade flame thrower against their opposition. All in the name of their sick version of hate-filled morally-superior diversity.

I did not support the UTR rally today. Not because I necessarily disagree with the initial reasoning behind it. In fact, at one point I even considered attending. But frankly, once it was obvious that the KKK and neo-Nazis would be joining in, I just assumed it would become a shit show. And damn was I right. But surprisingly, not because of them. I was right about it becoming a shit show, but this happened because of the left-wing counter protesters.

Any time a racially-charged rally or protest takes place, the media and liberals are quick to blame the right-wing "conservative" participants. Suddenly anyone who opposes their politically correct ideology, becomes a “Nazi”, “fascist”, “white supremacist”, or “ALT-right”. And in some instances, they are probably 100% correct.
Ultimately however, this protest would not have taken place if it wasn't for the anti-white rhetoric being spewed by the left. If liberal activists were not demanding the removal of confederate monuments in some bizarre attempt to erase that part of history, none of this ever would have happened.

Regardless of your views on what those monuments represent, removing them does not change history – it just increases the likelihood of it repeating itself.

As a straight, white, conservative-ish, Christian male, I can tell you that I have been called every name in the book over the last year, for nothing more than holding a political view that is contrary to that of the left. And frankly, I'm fucking sick of it! So I can only assume that many others are also fed up. That is what brought us to this point.
Liberals, in your attempt to be “inclusive”, you blatantly alienate, marginalize and discriminate against those who you consider to be the “oppressive majority”. You call us fascists and Nazis, while ironically, you are conducting yourselves in a manner which closely mirrors that of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

I vehemently oppose any form of racism, discrimination or bigotry against anyone, no matter their race, gender, religion or political affiliation. But you can only play this game of identity politics for so long before it backfires on you. Sooner or later, those people you are constantly screaming at and falsely labeling as racists, are going to have enough. Racism breeds racism, so eventually, tempers will flare and that peaceful protest will boil over to become a violent uprising.
Like a little brother repeatedly hitting his big brother, and then crying for mom once big brother eventually hits him back; you can only poke and yell and accuse until their patience runs out. Well guess what – that patience has an expiration date on it, and it is quickly approaching. 

So what are you going to do? Are you going to take a step back to try and see things from another perspective? Are you going to try to sit down and have peaceful conversations with people who have different opinions than you, to try and better understand them and find some middle ground? Or are you going to proceed with the status quo, and steadily continue pushing us toward another civil war? The choice is yours!


  1. You have conveniently omitted the act of terrorism committed by a White Supremecist in your analysis. Was he so threatened within the safety of his vehicle that he was obliged to run over, reverse, and run over again 20 counter-protesters, one of whom was killed, and none of whom appeared to be carrying weapons in any of the footage of that terrorist attack? Regardless of whether anyone tracks with your claim that organizations like the KKK, which have long histories of unprovoked violence, behaved peaceably until leftist groups forced them to defend themselves, failing to identify the greatest violence of the rally and its perpetrator is no small oversight.

    1. You're right, I didn't mention the driver of the car in this article, but I did mention it in the article I posted after this one ( That being said, while I agree that it appears to be an intentional attack, I prefer to wait for an investigation before making up my mind on his motive. If it was intentional, then yes, he was wrong & should spend the rest of his life in jail.