Saturday, October 29, 2016

Anthony Weiner's Wiener Could Help Determine Winner Of Presidential Election

As the FBI announced yesterday that they are re-opening their investigation into Hillary Clinton's private (illegal) email server, I find myself asking if it will make any difference in the outcome of the election. Apparently during a totally separate investigation into claims that now defunct former Congressman Anthony Weiner potentially sent HIS wiener to an underage girl by way of modern technology, new evidence was uncovered in relation to the Clinton case.

For those of you who might not follow the news as closely as I do, or who might not have been on social media the last couple days, the correlation between the two cases might not be immediately apparent. Anthony Weiner's recently-estranged wife, Huma Abedin, while holding various positions throughout Hillary Clinton's time in politics, for lack of a better term, she is Clinton's personal assistant (only because “Assistant To The Dark Lord And Future Wicked Witch Of The West Wing” didn't quite fit on a business card). So the theory is that through Abedin, Weiner was exposed (haha, get it?) to classified information by way of Clinton's illegal server.

Listening to talk radio yesterday, I heard almost unending theories of what the outcome would be and whether this might be the final nail in the Clinton campaign coffin; which is ironic, considering how many people who were at one time connected to the Clintons, are now IN coffins. Assuming Clinton knew this information would be released today, it only confirms the speculation from many that something big was about to happen; based on the sudden "don't wait - vote now!" cries heard from Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others over the last week.

The FBI has already viewed some pretty damning evidence against Clinton, including numerous emails that were clearly marked as classified. Evidence that undoubtedly would have put anyone with a different last name behind bars for the next 10-20 years. But alas, after reading through an overwhelming list of Clinton's "indiscretions", and referring to her as being "extremely careless", FBI Director James Comey said that he did not recommend indictment.

While this was more than enough for many of Clinton's supporters, a good number of them paid more attention to the details and facts, rather than just accepting what Comey and the media spoon fed
them. So let's say some of those former supporters and undecided voters primary reason for not voting for Clinton is because of their rightful opinion that the FBI did not do an adequate job and instead gave her a pass. If another investigation is opened just 11 days before the election and then fast-tracked to a quick conclusion from the FBI that no indictment was needed, this second investigation might be exactly what it takes to earn back some of those votes she had lost.

More likely however, is the fact that there have been numerous reports claiming the majority of the FBI investigators who were working on the original Clinton case not only believed that Clinton was undeniably guilty, but fully expected her to be indicted. These same investigators were then reportedly and understandably shocked when Comey recommended the opposite.

I believe there was enough internal discussion inside the FBI after Comey's announcement, that once some new evidence was discovered, someone decided they needed to take this opportunity to look at the case again and earn back some of their credibility. Not to mention that if Trump happens to become President, they might also be protecting their jobs.

Regardless of the re-opened investigation into Clinton, it is unlikely we will see any final conclusion from the FBI before the election on November 8th. Many Republicans, of course, are thrilled; thinking this surely is what they needed to ensure a Trump victory in an election that has been horribly skewed against them ever since Clinton became the Democratic nominee.

I, on the other hand, think the re-opened investigation is a non-issue and will have absolutely zero impact on the outcome of the election. We have already seen that Clinton's supporters don't care what
she has done; no matter how illegal it might be. Which in my opinion, says a lot about our country. They don't care about her mishandling of classified emails, or about using the Clinton Foundation to solicit donations in exchange for political favors. They don't care about her numerous lies about Benghazi, or her threatening and attacking the women who accused Bill Clinton of various forms of sexual abuse. Nor do they care about the fact that almost all of "the help" who came in contact with her during her husband's time in the White House and afterward, said that she was a horrible ungrateful raging bitch.

No one cares about any of this. And if you dare to bring it up, their defense mechanisms kick in and they default to the standard "Trump is a racist/sexist/bigot who molests women and doesn't pay his taxes" retort, like good little minions, just like they have been taught to recite by CNN and MSNBC.

So as usual when anyone in the Clinton family mafia is accused of something, it will be news for a couple days, until as if by some sort of miraculous sorcery, some bigger news story comes up, gets plastered on all the headlines and most people forget or quit caring about that pesky little FBI investigation into the democratic presidential candidate. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on it being some kind of conflict with Russia, or a new fabricated allegation of some kind against Trump. Because when you run against a Clinton, they don't just make sure you lose; they ruin your life, your business and your credibility.

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