Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yes America, It's Okay To Not Accept The Results Of The Election

In the final Presidential debate last night, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would “absolutely accept” the results of the election once the votes were counted. This question, of course, coming on the heels of Trump making claims throughout the campaign that the process was rigged against him.

Let me first say that aside from being forced to tag along with the Clinton campaign throughout the election, moderating a debate between these two candidates has to be one of the least desirable opportunities in media. The moderators of the previous debates, in my opinion and the opinion of many people I have spoken to, did a less-than-stellar job. Primarily, because they were all so biased against Trump. But also because they allowed their emotions show, and at times verbally attacked him on his answer to certain questions.

Although I believe Wallace did an excellent job of moderating the debate and remaining unbiased, I was a little surprised when he asked Trump if he would concede to Clinton if the results showed that he had lost the election. This of course, explained in justification of the fact that we have a tradition of a “peaceful transition of power”, so the country can come together after sometimes-heated and painful elections.

I understand why Wallace asked the question; it was justified, and he knew this would be today's headline in the papers and on the news. He had to ask a question that would provoke a memorable and uncomfortable response from one of the candidates. Listening to talk radio as I drove home from Houston today, I heard several people discuss the pointed question and speculate on various reasons as-to why Clinton didn't get an equally difficult question. Opinions ranged from it being accidental, to it being a conspiracy theory against Trump, secretly led by Fox News.

But I believe Wallace knew exactly what he was doing. After numerous claims of bias in the previous debates, it went without saying that the manner in which he moderated this debate would be heavily scrutinized. And since he came from Fox News, who is overwhelmingly conservative, the Democrats would be looking for anything they could point to, so they could claim he was biased against Clinton.

If that claim of bias was made with any sort of legitimacy, it would taint the credibility not just of the debate, but also of Wallace himself as a journalist. In a skillful move to maintain the integrity of the
evening, Wallace asked the pointed question only to Trump, knowing there was no correct answer. Knowing Clinton's supporters and the media would latch on to it and run it as if it was the story of the year. When in fact, although Trump could have answered it more eloquently, at the end of the day, the thought that any candidate might question the results of an election is nothing earth-shattering.

Although Clinton described his response as “terrifying”, I believe Trump has every right and justification to question the results of this election. The media has shown extreme bias in favor of Clinton at every turn. They don't even try to hide it. I have never in my lifetime seen an election in which the media was so involved in influencing voters for or against a single candidate.

In my opinion, the majority of media correspondents out there, after this election, no longer should have the right to call themselves journalists. Journalists investigate and dig to find the truth; then they report it, regardless of which candidate might be helped or harmed. But I have seen none of that here. When the most honest and unbiased reporting of the entire campaign comes from hackers and bloggers, there is something incredibly amiss with news media.

While I think even Clinton's supporters, if they were being honest, would admit the media has been pretty biased against Trump, there is nothing that can be done about it. Although unfair and unprofessional of them, the media can report the news any way they want. And people who consume that news have the choice to either do their own research and fact checking, or take it at face value, trusting their news outlet of choice to be completely accurate. Luckily for the liberal media, a large portion of our country has been steadily dumbed down to the point that they are only a few IQ points away from real life Idiocracy.

Even though nothing can truly be done about unfair media in this election, Trump was absolutely right when he said the media “poisons the minds of the voters.” What does need to be addressed however, and should be a legitimate concern of everyone, is the extent to which Clinton, her staff and the DNC went to fix this election. The evidence uncovered both by the Wikileaks hacked emails, and the undercover investigation by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas is undeniable.

Our country should be in an uproar over what we have learned about Clinton. People should be rioting in the streets over the cavalier responses we received from the government over our cries for justice; both for Benghazi and the FBI investigation into Clinton's mishandling of classified documents on her private email server. We shouldn't even have to ask the government to look into the Clinton Foundation and the political favors that were seemingly exchanged for large donations. But instead, all anyone can focus on is the misdeeds of Trump.

So what if Clinton legitimately committed crimes and caused American deaths! Trump said the word “pussy” in a private conversation with another man! Trump was suddenly accused by a bunch of female Clinton supporters of making inappropriate sexual advances on them 30 years ago with no evidence whatsoever! And worst of all, Trump MIGHT have used the current tax laws to avoid paying taxes!

If Trump Wins, it will be an absolute miracle. Not because of his lack of support. In order for him to win, there will have to be such an overwhelming number of votes for him, that it more than covers all the fraudulent votes that everyone knows will be cast for Clinton. Based on the huge numbers at Trump's rallies, compared to the low turnout for Clinton, it could happen. But it's highly unlikely.

I don't care for Trump as a person, but I can't stand Clinton. I am beyond disturbed to even think that someone as corrupt as her has gotten so close to becoming our President, and I'm scared to death of the damage she could do to our country. There has been so much propaganda spread by Clinton's campaign and the media against Trump, that he has been made out to be much worse than he really is; this will be difficult, if not impossible to overcome. He's no saint. But unlike Hillary, I'm relatively certain he hasn't been responsible for any mysterious deaths. Trump is a gamble, for sure. But I know what we get with four years of Clinton, and I know I don't want that.

To quote a woman I heard on the Rick Roberts show this afternoon, “we don't need him to be our savior; we already have one of those. We just need him to get this train back on the track.”

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